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CSM i.e. Core Strategy Manifestation is a unique program to evolve correct strategy to unleash peak success in career and life as a whole. CSM is based on some very simple but highly effective natural laws. Almost all of successful people have acted and behaved in a common pattern. CSM attempts to articulate it simply for every individual and firm.

Core Strategy Manifestation is a program to develop right strategies for individuals as well as organizations to unleash a spiral of growth and peak success in harmony with society and environment.



CSM provides a framework for

CSM is Total Life Management System


CSM is different from other personal growth program due to its easier implementation. Most of program is full of good theory. However they are difficult to implement and impact is only temporary. CSM can be easily implemented and used by any person whatever his education, resources and current situation. Further CSM brings out changes which are permanent and not temporary.


CSM is unique in its application. It can be applied to every individual and group of individuals such as Family, Companies, Society and Nation. It does not require any specific education qualification; however the participants shall require an OPEN MIND to new insights of CSM and its application to their individual cases.

The CSM Strategy Workshop

for Individuals

A discovery of natural way to unleash peak levels of success in career and other areas of life in harmony with society. Are you geared up for peak success in life?

Do you want to reach the top and are not satisfied with average life?

Do you want to know about a new vision for individual, organizational and national success?

“Success does not depend upon quantity of knowledge, intelligence or hard work. It depends upon how we adopt a correct strategy in accordance with laws of nature”

“An average person can achieve peak success if he adopts a correct strategy; while a highly intelligent person can remain confined to average success of life.”

“Anyone can unleash peak success by adopting a correct strategy whatever be education, resources or present circumstances.”

CSM Individual Strategy Workshop aims towards developing Strategic framework for peak success as Individuals in all aspects of life of individuals such as Career, Health, Relationships, Personality and Spirituality. The workshop provides all required inputs to participants to understand principals of CSM and its application in develop their strategy making skills for self and others.

Live & Online Classes : CSM Individual Strategy Program can be undertaken in Live or Online classes. Participants can do the program as per their own pace.

Free Post Program Support : CSM Strategy Program is highly practical. Participants need to work to develop their own strategy as applied to their own life. Free Online support shall be provided for a period of Three months to all participants after the workshop .

CSM Health Workshop : A focused workshop on Health Management with holistic approach such as Nutrition, Exercise , Stress Management and other aspects of healthy life style. The workshop also brings out natural way to eliminate bad habits such as smoking , alcoholism etc.

CSM Workshop for Children : A workshop designed to develop strategies for natural development and peak success of children. Children are unalloyed form of creative energies of nature. Every child has inborn seeds to achieve greatness in every aspect of life. However it requires right strategy and action in accordance with laws of nature. This workshop aims to discover this path to make champion out of each child.


Case Base Consultancy to individuals on Strategy Formulation for Career , Health and Different aspects of life.

Career Management : Consultancy in all aspects of Career Management which includes Career Planning ; Studies Planning and Success ; Interview Preparation ; Knowledge Management , Dynamic Communication , Office Dynamics etc. CSM principles to Career Management are based on sound natural laws and create framework for peak success.

Health Management : Creating framework for Health Management based on sound natural laws.

Relationship Management : Creating framework for dynamic relations at every level.

Personality Development : Creating framework for Dynamic Personality.

CSM Individual Workshops

  • CSM Workshop for Individuals – Adults
  • CSM Children Workshop – Below 10
  • CSM Children Workshop – Above 10
  • CSM Career Workshop
  • CSM Health Workshop
  • CSM Relationship Workshop
  • CSM Personality Workshop
  • CSM Spirituality Workshop
  • CSM Stress Management Workshop
  • CSM Time Management Workshop
  • Online Workshop
  • Postal Workshop
  • Live Classes
  • Invitation Classes